Mother Restee Johnson Scholarship
Mother Restee Johnson lived to serve God by helping God’s people and his churches and church organizations. She loved to witness to the goodness of the Lord to whoever she came in contact with. Mother Johnson was extremely generous with her time and resources.
On January 8, 2017 Mother Johnson made her transition from labor to reward. She is remembered fondly by family, friends and her Nehemiah’s Temple church family.
In addition to her love for church and the things of God Mother Johnson also believed in the power and influence of education. So much so that 1 year before her transition she established the Mother Restee B. johnson Scholarship. 
Therefore, to honor her memory the Nehemiahs Temple church family in conjunction with Mother Johnson’s husband, Deacon Donald Johnson and family, have committed to continuing the work of the Mother Restee Johnson Scholarship.
This scholarship is established to help deserving youth entering or continuing college or university education. High School graduates who have been accepted into an institution of higher learning may apply for assistance. For more information please contact the church office at (586)575-1075. . You may contribute to the scholarship by clicking the donate button below.