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Consecration 2024 Daniel Fast

Our Daniel Fast starts 12:00 am, Monday, 1/22/2024 and ends Sunday, 1/28/2024 after Morning worship.

Daniel Fast Observance

  1. The Daniel Fast for us is merely denial in the spirit of what Daniel actually did. If you are under doctor’s instructions, please follow those.

During this time we will refrain from:

(a) all television and radio listening except for religious, educational and news programming

(b) listening to music except religious

(c) limit our reading to educational, religious and news material

(d) limit computer usage to the same as above

(e) not eat any flesh including beef, pork, poultry, fish and/or seafood

(f) refrain from snack foods

(g) limit beverages to water, milk, 100% fruit juices, herbal Tea only

(h) normal marital activities suspended for duration of fast (I Corinthians 7:1). Saints with unsaved spouses should use wisdom.

Be prayerful and spend time in the Word seeking God’s guidance, direction and blessings.

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