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Sharing God’s Word

Want to learn more about the Word? Don’t miss this opportunity!

Praise Him Family!

One of the greatest responsibilities of a child of God is to SHARE GOD’S HOLY WORD!

Considering this great privilege:

We are embarking on a 6 – 8 week course where we will dive into biblical history and analysis in prayerful hope of becoming or growing as sound students of God’s Word. A few takeaways you can expect?

  1. Understanding of how our English Bible was formed (translations, manuscripts, authorship and dating)
  2. Understanding of why the Bible is arguably the most reliable literature available to mankind (inspiration, inerrancy, character of Scripture)
  3. Introduction to Hermeneutics (developing skillful habits of interpreting and applying the Bible)
  4. Interactive exercises to develop and hone our skills on understanding the ORIGINAL meaning of a given text (syntax, literally techniques, audience, author style)
  5. Knowledge of how to perform word studies (Greek/Hebrew to English, Semantic range, context determination)
  6. Interactive exercises of understanding and determining the “Big Idea” of a text

We are going to have an enriching and fruitful in person experience and we are looking to see you there, but seats are limited! Register by 10/19! See flyer for registration and other details.

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